[What are the steps for baby vegetable cake?

】 _Infant_How to do

[What are the steps for baby vegetable cake?
】 _Infant_How to do

Among the various types of cakes, certain types are called vegetable cakes. Specifically, vegetables are added when making cakes. As we all know, vegetables are generally rich in vitamins and replace fiber.Food, and in addition, the colors and flavors are very rich. For families with little babies in their homes, be sure to let your babies eat more vegetables. The method of making baby vegetable cake is described below.

The practice of baby vegetable cake: nutrition vegetable cake: moderate celery, 2 eggs, half a banana, 5 spoons of flour, water and salt.

Practice: 1. Squeeze the banana.

2. Wash and chop celery leaves, add banana puree and eggs.

Stir well and add flour.

3. Add water and salt to the paste.

4. Brush a small amount of oil on the bottom of the hot pot, pour a spoonful of round cakes, and fry on both sides until the color changes.

Potato pie practice: 1. Peeled potato shreds.

Add salt, black pepper, allspice and corn flour and mix well.

2. Heat the oil in a non-stick pan. Put the potato batter in the pan and fry for 2 minutes. It is golden brown and stir-fry.

3, fry until golden and crispy cold noodles served with sesame pan.

4. Cut, dip and eat!

Ingredients of radish pancakes: sausage 1, 20g, 2, 150g of white radish with shrimp skin, 150g of flour, 150g of corn flour, 1 teaspoon of salt, white pepper powder, 1 egg, 40g of water, 1 teaspoon of sesame 20g, 30g of vegetable oil.

Practice: 1. Radish, sausage, washed, minced chives, sausage, can maintain a certain thickness, leaving 10 grams of green onions and spices.

Knife of radish.

2. Mix flour, corn starch, salt, white pepper, eggs, water, sesame oil, sesame, shrimp, sausage, radish and spring onion.

3. Heat the non-stick pan over medium heat and pour 1 teaspoon of oil.

Sprinkle some sesame seeds in a hot pan and pour about 2 tablespoons of batter.

4. Use a spatula to scrape the batter into round cakes.

Sprinkle with sesame seeds and fry for 3-4 minutes until the surface becomes golden brown.

5. After the bottom of the pot is dry, add oil, and then continue frying the other side for about 1 minute, then turn one side and fry for 1 minute, then fry both sides and fry for another 1 minute to start the pot.

The skin will be salty and crispy.

6. Thin the carrots and dip in the sauce to eat!

Pocket cake practice: 1. Add the right amount of warm water, flour, enough to form dough, cover with plastic wrap, and rest for 20 minutes.

2. Roll out the dough and divide it into small pieces of about 50 grams.

3. Press the small pieces with your hands, and then roll them with a thickness of about 0.

2 cm.

4. Take the dough and roll it to the middle. Brush the oily dough with a small brush and brush SheungShui while covering it with another piece of dough. Press the bread near the pocket to make green;

5. Add oil to the pan, fry the green cakes over low heat, and fry until golden on both sides.

Everything you like to eat is filled in.

[Does cervical erosion affect pregnancy?]

[Does cervical erosion affect pregnancy?]

Cervical erosion is actually a gynecological disease that women often encounter, and there are many reasons for cervical erosion, such as unclean sex life or excessively serious private health, which will also cause clarity.As a result of this problem, in life, female friends must recognize their reproductive health care. Let’s understand that cervical erosion will not affect women’s normal conception.

If mild cervical erosion and no inflammation do not have adverse effects on the conception of pregnancy, but the situation is more serious, and not being able to get active treatment will affect the normal conception of women, so this also tellsFemale friends must be aware of their own, and actively treat when reproductive health encounters diseases. Gynecologists say that mild cervical erosion has no complications and will not affect pregnancy, but if it is severe, it has purulentLeucorrhea, contact bleeding and other symptoms will affect the chance of pregnancy because a large number of white blood cells are not conducive to fertilization, so female friends must actively treat and prevent cervical erosion of sexually transmitted diseases.

If I want to treat cervical erosion, I will share a more practical method. Go to a pharmacy and buy 60 grams of gallic seeds. Grind it into a powdery mixed water, stir it, and stew it into a paste. Then apply it to the cervix with sterile cotton.Is good.

Although cervical erosion is a gynecological problem that many women will encounter, this is also a gynecological disease that can never be easily ignored. It is a physical examination of yourself in ordinary life. If you find some diseases, you should actively receive treatment.To minimize the harm of these diseases.

[Steamed beans are long lasting and cooked]_Steaming method_Steaming time

[Steamed beans are long lasting and cooked]_Steaming method_Steaming time

Many people especially like to eat beans, because the nutritional value of beans is relatively high, and because the taste of beans is better, and everyone knows that when eating beans, the main thing is to be cooked, only in this way will not produceIn the case of poisoning, there are a lot of toxins in the raw beans, which may cause nausea and vomiting in patients. So, the beans will be cooked after cooking for a few minutes?

Beans contain a toxin that needs high temperature to destroy them, so be sure to fully heat and cook, or heat for more than 10 minutes to ensure that the beans are fully cooked, and the harmful substances will decompose into non-toxic substances.

Therefore, the black bean must be simmered until it is not green, and the color becomes darker and softer before it can be cooked.

If you want to hurry up, it is best to simmer with boiled water before fry the beans. As long as the color is different from the original time, drain the water and fry it in the oil pan.

Not only will the stew take less time, but the color will be green and beautiful.

The method of judging whether the beans are ripe is as follows: the bean sticks are changed from supporting to weak, the color is changed from bright green to dark green, and there will be no bean smell.

How to cook beans How long can beans be cooked?

Beans cleaning and picking, 2.

Heat the oil and pour in the tempeh, stir well, 3.

Put chili peppers to taste spicy, 4.

Add salt and fry for a while, 5.

Put the water and cook the beans thoroughly.


Stir in MSG and oyster sauce, 7.

The beans must be cooked thoroughly before they are eaten.

When the beans are boiled for 5 minutes, the saponin production reaches the highest point, and then gradually decreases.

After boiling for 20 minutes, the toxins of the beans will disappear completely.

[How to make seaweed bamboo shoots]_ making bamboo shoots _ how to make

[How to make seaweed bamboo shoots]_ making bamboo shoots _ how to make

The sea has drowned 70% of the earth’s extremes, and there are abundant ingredients in it for people to eat.

In the sea, seaweed bamboo shoots are a very common ingredient and a favorite ingredient.

Seaweed shoots are nutrient-rich and easily enriched with phosphorus, calcium, potassium and other trace elements.

Consuming seaweed bamboo shoots every day can protect people’s health.

So what is the practice of seaweed shoots?

Seaweed bamboo shoots have a natural salty seafood flavor. They are already rich in natural biological salts and organic iodine.

It is recommended that the amount of each dish does not exceed 100 grams, compatible with other ingredients.

Preparation: Use boiling water before cooking.

After washing, add boiled water and blanch for about 1-3 minutes. Remove and immediately soak and soak in cold water, remove and reserve.

There are various cooking methods, and you can add any condiments other than salt, such as garlic, ginger, spring onion, pepper and jam, according to your personal taste.

1. As a side dish.

It is compatible with common vegetables, eggs, meat or seafood to make various styles, fillings or vegetable decorations. Seaweed bamboo shoots not only provide nutritional ingredients, crispy texture and green color, but also provide the entire natural salt.

2. Make soup or ravioli.

The seaweed bamboo shoots are cut into pieces during the production, and the seaweed bamboo shoots or seaweed bamboo shoots are squeezed to provide nutrients while being a natural seasoning salt.

3, as the main course: Wash, put in boiling water and blanch for about 3 minutes, remove and immediately add cold water and soak for a few minutes, remove and mix cold, make salads, freshly fried, braised fish, fried meat, fried seafood,Shabu hot pot and so on.

4, sauces, salted, vinegar, kimchi, etc. can be done in one step. The simple method of how to cool and delicious seaweed bamboo shoots is very convenient, and seaweed bamboo shoots are just like jellyfish. They have a crunchy taste and are popular with manyAt the same time, sea cucumber is also a cold dish. Whether it is served as an appetizer or for entertaining friends and relatives, it can play a unique effect. After learning the method of the above dish, hurry and try it.

[6 month baby food supplement table]_Complementary food_Children_Methods Daquan

[6 month baby food supplement table]_Complementary food_Children_Methods Daquan

6-month-old babies still ca n’t add complementary foods. At this time, the secretion of milk may not be enough for children. We can promote the secretion of milk to increase the child ‘s intake. It is best to start adding supplements after 8 months.

6-month-old babies can use rice noodles or vegetable juice to add complementary foods, mainly soups or vegetable purees that are easier to digest.

6-month-old baby’s supplementary food When the baby grows to 6 months, breast milk can no longer fully meet the baby’s nutritional needs.

At this time, Baoma can consider adding complementary food to the baby to prepare for future weaning.

So what complementary food does a 6-month-old baby eat?

1. Rice noodles can start by adding rice noodles that are least likely to cause babies’ allergies. First, choose pure or single taste rice noodles, and then choose milk noodles with milk, calcium, fruits and vegetables, meat fish and grains.

When selecting rice noodles, the quality of rice noodles made from green rice must be guaranteed, and it is recommended to re-enter the production area to ensure that green rice is produced from green bases. The “double green standard” is safer.

However, currently there are not many baby rice noodles that can achieve the “double green standard” on the market, so Bao Ma can give priority to the “double green standard” brand rice noodles. For international brands like Heinz, Bao Ma can also buy with confidence.

2. Vegetable and fruit juice Baoma can prepare delicious vegetable juice and fruit juice for your baby. The specific method is: wash fresh vegetables or fruits and chop them, then put the cut vegetables or fruits into the boiling water in the potCover and cook for another 5 minutes.

After a little bit cold, filter out the water and serve.

Baomas pay attention to adding a small amount of vegetable juice, if the baby does not have an abnormal reaction, it can be gradually increased in the future.

3. Vegetable puree and meat puree When adding supplementary food to 6-month-old baby, you can also appropriately add lean nutrient-rich, pork liver puree, fish puree, vegetable puree and other nutrient-rich and easily absorbed food.

Many treasure mothers like to make a variety of foods such as puree, meat and other complementary foods for their babies, but sometimes they are busy and do n’t have time to make it fine. At this time, it does not prevent them from choosing commercially available table purees such as Heinz.Through careful selection of wood from the world, pay attention to scientific matching, the thickness is fine and uniform, without adding flavor, salt and preservatives, which is not only quality guaranteed, but also can save a lot of time for the preparation of complementary food.

[Broccoli Sausage]_ making method _ practice Daquan

[Broccoli Sausage]_ making method _ practice Daquan

Due to the strong flavor of the sausage, most of the time it is necessary to match it with a larger and lighter adjunct, such as broccoli and garlic seedlings.

Sausages in different areas of China have different flavors, such as Harbin’s red sausage, Sichuan’s Sichuan-style sausage, and Cantonese-style sweet sausage. Each has its own flavor.

The method of sausage is very simple. Since the sausage itself can be regarded as a kind of wax product, when it is fried, it is generally fried with a low fire and then added with the ingredients to stir fry.

First, broccoli fried sausage 1.

Prepare ingredients: broccoli, sausages 2.

2. Wash and cut broccoli, slice sausages;

Heat the pan, pour a little olive oil, add the cut sausage, and stir-fry over low heat; PS: It is easy to burn on high fire.


4. Sauteed broccoli in the pan to replace the broccoli stir-fry; 5.

5. When the broccoli is mature, add the fried sausages; 6.

Add salt and stir fry; PS: If you like seasoning, you can add seasoning 2. Garlic fried sausage material: 2 cooked sausages, 1 green garlic, 2 peppers, 1 tsp of wine, 1/2 tsp of soy sauce, water2 tablespoons practice: 1.

Sausage slices; washed with garlic and pepper, sliced diagonally for later use.


Stir fry garlic and sausage with 2 tablespoons of oil, add seasoning, then add pepper slices and stir fry.

3. Sausages with green beans: 1 sausage, green beans Practice Step 1: Wash the green beans, remove the two ends, and tear off the old tendons; soak the sausages in warm water for five minutes, then cut into slices.

Step 2: Add water to the pot and boil. Add the green beans. After cooking, remove and drain.

(The green beans contain a large amount of saponin and hemagglutinin, so they must be cooked thoroughly before cooking to eat, otherwise poisoning may occur.

) Step 3: Pour the oil into the pot and heat. Add the minced garlic and sauté. Pour the sausage into the cooking wine and soy sauce. Fry over low heat for 1 minute and remove.

Step 4: Pour an appropriate amount of oil into the pan, and stir-fry the minced garlic and green bean sauce.

Stir fry until the appearance of green beans is slightly wrinkled, with a little “tiger skin”, season with an appropriate amount of salt.

Add the sausage slices at this time, stir fry evenly, continue to fry for about 3 minutes.

4. Fried cucumber sausage material: 4 sausages, 4 cucumbers, small strips, 2 large treats, 1 teaspoon of soy sauce, about 1/4 teaspoon of fresh chicken crystals, 3 slices of garlic 1, sausage slices, cucumberWash and slice, slice garlic 2 and add cucumbers and garlic slices when the sausages are pan-fried until they are half cooked. No oil is required. The sausages will fry once they are fried. If you like the crispy cucumber, you can wait for the sausages to cookThen gherkins.

3, add soy sauce, a small amount of fresh chicken crystals (the sausage itself is salty), stir fry until the sausage is fully cooked and you can serve.

[Home-made practice of dried abalone porridge]_How to make_How to make

[Home-made practice of dried abalone porridge]_How to make_How to make

We all know that abalone is a good health food. It can not only qi and blood, but also can promote male reproductive health.

Abalone is very expensive. We can’t eat it every day, but if we can eat it several times a month, it can also be good for our health.

So we should know how to make abalone porridge and be more responsible for our health.

So, what are the common practices of dried abalone porridge?

Ingredients for abalone porridge: 1/2 abalone, 3 ginger slices, 2 spring onions, 4 chickens, 2 mushrooms, 2 mushrooms, 2 celery, 1/2 cup of rice, 4 cups of water.

1. Wash the abalone, soak it in clear water for about 1 day (you can put it in the refrigerator), and then add the ingredients.

2. Simultaneously boil, change to low heat and boil for about 2?
After 3 hours, turn off the abalone and soak for half a day after it has softened. Finally, remove the abalone and chop it for later use.

3. Wash, slice chicken, slice enoki mushroom, slice mushroom, slice celery and set aside.

4. Wash the rice and add 4 cups of water, first boil over high heat and cook over low heat, then add abalone and chicken slices for about 30 minutes, then add enoki mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, celery powder and all seasoningsJust cooked.

Abalone porridge method two, 1. Abalone cleans the intestines and abdomen, cleans the mud with a clean toothbrush, cuts into fine dices for use, chopped green onion and parsley for use.

2. Put the right amount of rice into the electric pressure cooker to make porridge.

3. Put the abalone diced into the electric pressure cooker, continue to open the lid, and stir while cooking.

4. After about 2 minutes, the abalone diced is ready to turn off the heat.

5. Add salt, spring onion and parsley in a bowl, sprinkle with pepper, drip in sesame oil and stir well.

Abalone porridge method three 1, wash abalone and remove the shell.

Meat slices.

Wash the intestines for later use.

Shrimp go to shrimp line and set aside.

2. Season the oil in the pot (one tablespoon) and scallion, ginger, garlic and abalone intestine.

Then spray some wine and add soup.

After the soup is boiled, remove the abalones and shrimps (abalone half a minute, shrimp half a half).

Wash the white rice, boil on high heat and boil on low heat.

Dig over and don’t let the rice bottom the pan. About 30 minutes later, the rice becomes porridge.

Add cabbage.

After the water is boiled, boil the abalone and prawns and cook for another 1-2 minutes.

Sprinkle with shrimp and quail eggs.

Of course, add salt and chicken essence to your taste

[What is the reason for stomach pain when eating sugar]_Abdominal pain_Cause

[What is the reason for stomach pain when eating sugar]_Abdominal pain_Cause

Some people may experience stomach pain after eating sugar, because there are many causes of stomach pain, so it is not possible to attribute all the causes to sugar, but be sure to check when eating sugarIs the sugar we eat within the shelf life? If it is outside the shelf life, it is likely that we will have food poisoning. So what is the cause of the stomach pain when eating sugar?

What is the reason for stomach pain when eating sugar? First, you should first think about whether you have appendicitis.

If it starts with upper abdominal pain, it will turn into right lower abdominal pain after a few hours, accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Most of them are acute appendicitis.

In addition, the small intestine, cecum, and right ureter should be considered.

If accompanied by frequent urination, hematuria, etc. are likely to be ureteral stones.

Women should also pay attention to any problems with the right ovary and fallopian tubes.

Second: The liver and gallbladder issues should be considered, such as acute and chronic hepatitis, liver cancer, cholecystitis, gallstones, etc. may cause right upper quadrant pain.

In addition, pay attention to calcium sulfate, duodenum, right kidney, right large intestine and other parts.

Third: the spleen and stomach issues should be considered first, and diabetes, the left kidney, and the left large intestine should also be considered.

If the left upper abdomen continues to be painful, accompanied by an increased paroxysm, which spreads to both waists and is enhanced by eating, it is likely to be acute pneumonia.

Precautions Usually avoid excessive fatigue and ensure extra sleep.

Keep a good mood and avoid being overly tense and depressed.

It is also necessary to strengthen physical exercise and increase the body’s resistance.

[Harm of eating bubble gum]_ impact _ bad

[Harm of eating bubble gum]_ impact _ bad

Everyone should have experience eating bubble gum, especially for young children, bubble gum is a very special kind of candy, because bubble gum can only be chewed in the mouth, can also blow out a large bubble.

However, a large number of children have also been warned by parents to eat less bubble gum, because bubble gum is very harmful to a person’s body.

So what are the specific harms to a person’s body if they eat bubble gum often?

(1) Additives are very harmful: take a closer look at the packaging paper of bubble gum, the main rubber and plasticizer written on it.

Although natural rubber is non-toxic, in the production of bubble gum, white tablets and certain vulcanization accelerators, antioxidants and other additives will be added.

These additives are separated from the rubber polymer through oral chemical reactions in the mouth, and are absorbed by the body through swallowing of saliva. In the long run, it will affect the baby’s memory. The baby’s body will cause some damage and will become stupid.The substance is still less for children; a piece of bubble gum usually needs a plasticizer to blow bubbles. The metabolite of these plasticizers is phenol, which is reabsorbed in the digestive tract and can cause damage to the baby’s body.Harm; (2) Affect jaw development.

Bubble gum increases the movement of the tongue. During chewing and blowing, the tongue is continuously vomited, tongue added, and tongue extended, which sometimes affects the development of the jawbone and causes deformities of the teeth and jaws.

(3) May cause poisoning.

Bubble gum’s intermediates are mainly polyvinyl acetate, and plasticizers.

Plasticizers and sugars dissolve in the mouth and are swallowed.

Each piece of bubble gum contains 350 mg of plasticizer. Although the concentration is toxic, it is close to the toxic dose of human body every 4 to 8 pieces.

Therefore, it is not advisable to eat more bubble gum.

(4) Children do not pay attention to hygienic consumption.

Many children like to blow the bubbles carefully, then put them back in their mouths, which are susceptible to bacteria.

(5) Cause accidents.

Young children should not eat bubble gum, because bubble gum, like chewing gum, may be swallowed into the esophagus by mistake or constitute a foreign body in the bronchus.

[How to cook bone porridge for babies]_ making method _ practice Daquan

[How to cook bone porridge for babies]_ making method _ practice Daquan

Bone porridge is a very good calcium supplement.

For the elderly and babies, it is easier to digest and nutrients are easier to absorb.

But there are many techniques to make a delicious bone porridge.

Today we will introduce to you how to cook bone congee for your baby. Moms and dads can buy some fresh pork sticks and eat them for their babies. The babies will definitely like them very much.

Meat Bone Congee is a dish made with pork chops and rice as main ingredients, and belongs to Shanghai cuisine.

Production method: Wash the pork bones, knock them into small pieces, put them in boiling water, stir them, add 2500 grams of water into the pot, add two slices of ginger, add peanut kernels, and boil the flour on high heat.Boil until the soup is thick, then add the washed rice, cook it into porridge, and add various spices in the raw materials to serve.

Pork chops (500g), rice (250g), peanut kernels (75g), lard (refined) (50g), salt (1g), monosodium glutamate (1g), ginger (2g),Sesame oil (5 g), pepper (2 g).

Recipe nutritional short ribs (pork ribs): Pork is rich in high-quality protein and essential fatty acids, and provides heme (organic iron) and cysteine to promote iron absorption, which can improve iron deficiency anemia;Blood, nourishing yin and moistening dryness; but because of the high cholesterol content in pork, it is not advisable to eat more in obese people and those with high blood lipids.

Rice: Rice has high nutritional effects and is a basic food for supplementing nutrients; rice can provide rich B vitamins; rice has tonic, spleen and stomach, Yijingqiang, and five internal organs, blood circulation, CongEar eyesight, relieve annoyance, thirst, and diarrhea.

Peanut kernels (raw): Peanuts are rich in protein, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, niacin, vitamin K, calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium and other nutritional elements, which have enhanced memory, anti-aging, hemostasis, and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, Reduce the effect of intestinal cancer; its nature is flat, sweet; into the card, the lung meridian; with wake up card and stomach, moisturize the lungs and phlegm, nourish and regulate gas, clear throat and cough.